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Tasman 5 String Violin

The Tasman range is a more recent addition to the Bridge range of instruments. It is designed to fulfil the need of string players who require the functionality of our full electric range, but who prefer a more traditional looking instrument, either as personal preference or to compliment a particular artist’s style and genre.
Visually, the Tasman is essentially an acoustic instrument, made with high quality tonewoods, traditionally constructed. The discreet addition of the Bridge electronic components allows the string player to be seen and heard on an equal footing with the other band members.
The Tasman has a 4/4 size acoustic body, which generates a full acoustic sound when played acoustically and is acurately amplified when plugged in.
The Tasman offers the best of both worlds.

We are very proud of the reputation we have gained over the years and all the verification and accolades offered from our impressive list of talented artists who you can meet around our site. Many thanks to them all!

Tuned to CGDAE the Lyra combines the string configurations of the violin and viola. It offers a smaller more comfortable alternative for the viola player, retaining all acoustic violin reference points acurately. as well as providing a new dimension for the violin players!
The neck and headstock is traditionally made from a single maple block. The headstock design is taken from the 1710 Stradivari Viola da Gamba and is the distinctive trademark found on all the Bridge instruments.
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