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Lyra 5 String Violin

The Lyra 5 String Violin and all the electric range have moulded hollow bodies, giving a high strength to weight ratio. The vibrating body contributes to the natural sound, generated by the Bridge pick-up system and active circuitry, with no feedback.
The neck and headstock is traditionally made from a single maple block. The headstock design is taken from the 1710 Stradivari Viola da Gamba and is the distinctive trademark found on all the Bridge instruments.
Tuned to CGDAE the Lyra combines the string configurations of the violin and viola. It offers a smaller more comfortable alternative for the viola player, as well as providing a new dimension to the violin players!
Available in six house colours and custom finishes.
FROM £1060
Standard colours
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  • Black
  • Black Blue
    Black Blue
  • Black Green
    Black Green
  • Black Purple
    Black Purple
  • Black Red
    Black Red
  • White
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