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Golden Tasman 5 String Violin

The Golden Tasman range is the most recent addition to the Bridge range of instruments. The creme de la creme of our electric bow played instruments this is the top end of the Bridge Range.

This instrument is made with the best quality, handpicked tonewoods and is traditionally constructed. The discreet addition of the electronic components gives it the apprearance of an old italian acoustic violin, with the tone to match.

The Golden Tasman 5 string violin is an easy transition from an acoustic violin, accurately retaining all the recognised acoustic violin reference points. Tuned to CGDAE the 5 string is fitted with professional quality Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings for GDAE and a D'addario C string.

The antiqued authentic oil varnish finish is designed to evoke a vintage 18th century Italian masterpiece, whilst carrying the most sophisticated, ‘state of the art’ pick up and electronics, placing it firmly in the 21st century - a paradox!
FROM £2800